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What religion should be doing

Is religion a voice for good?
I think it depends on what it is saying and doing.

Religion hasn’t been a good voice

In this moment I look at both the history and current “loud” voices we seem to be hearing the most and I must say that, for the most part, religion has and is not a particularly good voice in the world.

Truth should be a voice for good

If an institution claims to have access to objective truth then it would follow that they should try to use such truth in a way that benefits everyone. This is what religion attempts to do...sometimes.

Religion can be a voice for good

I think religion can be a voice for good, and there are certainly good things that come of religion.

Religion isn’t good or bad

Religion cannot be categorized as good or bad.

Religion at its best offers spiritual community, guidance and inspiration.

Is religion a voice for good? Yes and no

Religion can be a voice for good.

All religions have a set of morals and values at their core.

Spokane-based ministry provides clean water to Guatemela villages

Water for Life provides sustainable clean water, medical and dental care, and the news of the Gospel for rural villages in Guatemala.

The mission for clean water began when Gary noticed that the villagers around Los Pinos were drinking from hand-dug holes in the ground that were filled with muddy, stagnant water and debris, including dead vermin.

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