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Lost in Translation: Isn’t It Time We Moved Beyond a Fear-Based Repentance?

When I hear the kingdom is at hand, followed immediately by the command to repent, the good news is overshadowed by the fear that I’m not good enough to be part of the kingdom of God.

Ask an EOC: Can You Confess in Private to God but not in Church Confession and be Forgiven?

Concerning the sacrament of Confession, Christ directly gave the authority to his Church to remit or retain the sins of the penitent. 

A Call to Spiritual Action that Should Lead to ‘Ceasefire Now’

Would a person of such decency respond to the atrocities in Gaza by declaring that the Lord is coming soon? Of course not! It’s insensitive as well as biblically flawed. We should be deeply concerned about the murders of thousands of Palestinian civilians. We should not exploit these horrors as an opportunity to declare that Jesus is on his way.

Repentance in the Eastern Orthodox Faith is a Way of Life

In the Eastern Orthodox Church (EOC), the Holy Mystery of Confession is a means whereby one can confess their sins and have them absolved.

Ask An Eastern Orthodox Christian: Do you have to do confession?

Repentance is not just a feeling of mere remorse of being sorry for a wrong done.

Advent is a Time for Repentance

Many of the women now coming forward with accusations against Bill Cosby, when asked why it took them so long, cite fear due to the wealth, fame and power of Mr. Cosby. They are not alone in citing those three — wealth, fame and power — as these are the true Gods of our culture.

Rethinking repentance, recognizing the impact of human actions

A primary theme of our current liturgical season, Lent, is repentance. Unfortunately, we have come to think of repentance in a narrow way — as experiencing guilt and remorse for our mistakes. This is not what the word meant in the original Greek, and probably not what Jesus
meant when he used it in this context. Rather, in the original Greek, the word “repent” meant to go beyond the mind that you have.

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