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The Body Of Christ Is Betrayed: Reflections On Sexual Abuse In The SBC

The church is the body of Christ. The body is hiding— broken, bleeding, bruised and scarred. Someone who promised to care and feed her ate her instead.

Growing into mature spirituality

Mature spirituality will never provide us with childlike answers to the incomprehensible, to the difficult questions in life, or to the social problems plaguing our country, and rightfully so. Instead, it will ask ever-larger questions of us and demand arduous actions that ultimately lead to a larger life.

Pluralism is key to overcoming spiritual abuse

How much bloodshed could have been avoided throughout the history of humankind, and how much more must be shed before religion matures beyond the childish mindset of exclusivity?

Silence: due to guilt, shame, or fear

Stepping up and sharing; being one of the first to bring up a topic such as religious abuse, falls under the category of what I call being courageously fearful — being scared shitless, but still facing whatever the challenge may be.

When Religion Becomes Abusive: Barriers That Need To Be Removed

Unquestionably, an immense obstacle to the recognition of abuse, and to providing support to someone, is their silence about the ordeal.

Church to host spiritual recovery class

On May 19 Bethany Presbyterian Church will host "Recovery from Spiritual Abuse: From Hurt to Healing", a workshop designed to help those who have been harmed by authoritarian religious groups.

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