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Anthea Butler exposes racism in white evangelicalism in recent book

In “White Evangelical Racism: The Politics of Morality in America,” Butler packs a historical punch in this short, but mighty, 150-page book with erudite and efficient language. In it, she carefully, and for the most part, fairly, exposes the racist root of what is mostly known as American Christianity today.

Coffee Talk: Building Dialogue for Justice in Response to Hate & Violence

With all the recent racist attacks and mass shootings, there is a lot to process as a community and to think through how we can move forward towards justice and transformation. Our next Coffee Talk brings together professionals in our community who will guide and inspire a discussion of how each of us can serve as agents of change.

Are we confronting our racism?

Thomas Schmidt argues that besides concrete action, we need a comprehensive analysis of the historical causes of injustice.

We must discuss racism in America

I read this article today and it raised some very real points for me. In it, "Civil Rights Justice on the Cheap," Diane McWhorter queries...

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