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Pub Talk tonight at Faith and Music

SpokaneFāVS invites you to join in tonight's Pub Talk discussion on "Faith and Music" at 6:30 p.m. at Saranac Commons, 21 W Main Ave.

Join FāVS this week for a Pub Talk on Faith and Film

Join SpokanFāVS this week for an informal Pub Talk conversation on Faith and Film.

Pub Talk tonight: Faith and the Democratic Process

Join SpokaneFāVS tonight for Pub Talk, an informal discussion on Faith and the Democratic Process.

Pub Talk prompts questions about Jesus, Catholicism

I thought Thursday night’s Pub Talk was one of the best, the noise forced people to speak up and others to listen more intently which may have quashed some side conversations.

Pub Talk: The Changing Religious Landscape

Join SpokaneFāVS tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. for a Pub Talk discussion on the changing religious landscape.

Planting “seeds of compassion” through conversation

This week I attended a monthly “Pub Talk” through FāVS. This month’s topic was “The Seeds of Violence in Modern Society.”

Pub Talk: Responding to Violence in Modern Culture

If you missed Saturday's Coffee Talk, or want to continue the discussion on "Responding to Violence in Modern Culture" that began at the forum, then join SpokaneFāVS Thursday for its next Pub Talk.

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