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Ask a Jew: Is It Offensive if I Wear the Star of David to Support Israel?

In solidarity with Israel, I’d like to wear the star of David, but I was born Protestant. Is it offensive for me to do this?

Ask An Eastern Orthodox Christian: Earliest Eastern Orthodox Bible Commentary

The Orthodox Study Bible (OSB) is the best English translation of the scriptures. The New Testament (NT) of the OSB is primarily the New King James Version, and the Old Testament (OT) of the OSB is the Septuagint Version.

How, why I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

I find it intriguing that most Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with as much fervor, green beer and parade floats as possible without recognizing that they’re actually celebrating on the feast day of a Catholic saint.

Minor changes

I have switched Protestant denominations a couple of times over the years, but no major changes.

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