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Prejudice — You’ve Got To Be Taught

Prejudice is taught. Oscar Hammerstein II understood that, as reflected in his socially conscious librettos.

The hate that never left

To many, these seem like "isolated incidents" from fringe groups that don't warrant our attention, but to the communities being targeted, they are another reminder that hate lurks everywhere, and violence is only a neighbor away.

Hidden biases are all around us

Though I currently live in the Pacific Northwest, it is often difficult for me to disconnect myself from my early days spent in the Deep South.

Humans are wired for prejudice but that doesn’t have to be the end of the story

Humans are highly social creatures. Our brains have evolved to allow us to survive and thrive in complex social environments.

Over Turning Tables & Tearing Down Temples: A look at the biblical ministry of reconciliation

The Apostle Paul was good friends with a Christian slave owner and the New Testament contains one of his personal letters. It’s worth reading, it’s called Philemon, but don't go to if you want a railing condemnation on the scourge of slavery and racism.

Prayer for Ferguson

There is an injustice in our land from how we have treated the sons and daughters of slaves. We confess our sins to you and pray for your deliverance from our cold hearts.

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