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Calm before the Storm: How to Discern Professional Reporting in the Bryan Kohberger Trial

I do care deeply about truth and accuracy. I am a big fan of justice, but not justice at the cost of truth. There must be measured research and investigation for all the facts, not rumor and supposition. In addition, I know how damaging journalism as a profession can be to people. Just the scope of certain news stories damage people’s lives — especially people being charged with crimes.

Moscow Churches to Provide ‘Weekend Food for Kids’ this Summer

Two Moscow churches are again teaming up to offer free food to Moscow-area children this summer.

The Invisible Composer Finds His Way to the ‘Heart of the Arts’

Anyone who knows me well will tell you I am unusually protective of my right to compose music. I often perceive external forces to be inhibiting my efforts. In reality, of course, my obstacles toward writing music are entirely internal. But this was not always the case.

UI Murder Suspect Eating at the Mad Greek Restaurant Is Not Newsworthy

whether Kohberger ate at the Mad Greek is not the issue. The issue — as far as I'm concerned — is that Kohberger has waived rights to due process for six months. A Moscow, Idaho, resident would hope that the media would lay off our fair city for six months.

Murder and Rumors in Moscow, Idaho

The silence from city officials, the police and UI officials seems so baffling since Sunday, Nov. 13. After people were told about the police finding the bodies of four students, it was very quiet until the names were released on Monday. Then, nothing again. It took a while for the police to finally say the four were killed by an “edged” item. Most people have taken that to mean a knife. The coroner said none of the dead were the perpetrator, ending the murder-suicide theories.

Anti-Maskers in Moscow Try to “Bless Business” by Not Wearing Masks. They Failed.

At around 11 a.m. yesterday, numerous members of a right-wing group called “De-Mask Moscow” barged into the large TriState Outfitters sporting goods store in Moscow, Idaho, refusing to wear masks in compliance with store policy and the city-wide mandate.

Douglas Wilson’s ‘spiritual takeover’ plan roils Idaho college town

Led by controversial pastor Douglas Wilson, Christ Church of Moscow has for years been planning a spiritual takeover of the town — transforming both its politics and its soul. Wilson is gentle and soft-spoken when not behind the pulpit but will go head-to-head with anyone in a debate.

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