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How the US military has embraced growing religious diversity

By Armistice Day, Nov. 11, 1918, Jews, Mormons and Christian Scientists had joined the ranks of the chaplain corps. As I write in my book, “Enlisting Faith: How the Military Chaplaincy Shaped Religion and State in Modern America,” this significant change inaugurated a century-long project to redefine what counted as American religion.

A Conflicted Pacifist’s Review of American Sniper

After reading Michael Moore’s tweet: ”My uncle [was] killed by sniper in WW2. We were taught snipers were cowards …” and the outrage that descended by pro-military folks, I knew I had to see the film.

Tonight, welcome them home

Today we respect the military personnel, if not the war, and welcome them as heroes. Tonight at at 7 p.m. we have the opportunity to welcome home a special group of vets, a group that has suffered with post traumatic shock disorder, to varying degrees for varying lengths of time.

ISIS and the Failure of the American Intervention

In an ominous video posted to the Internet in June, fighters for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (al-Dawlah al-Islāmiyyah fi al-Iraq wa al-Sham) taunt unarmed members of the Iraqi security forces.

Airman denied re-entry to Air Force for refusing to say ‘so help me God’

The American Humanist Associationsaid Thursday (Sept. 4) that an airman at Nevada’s Creech Air Force Base who crossed out “so help me God” in the oath the Air Force requires servicemen and women to sign was told in August he must sign it as is or leave the Air Force.

Army approves ‘humanist’ as religious preference

WASHINGTON (RNS) The change comes against a backdrop of persistent claims from atheists and other nonbelievers that the military is dominated by a Christian culture that is often hostile to unbelief.

“The situation is alarmingly large”

This is perhaps the most difficult question yet put forward by SpokaneFAVS, both for personal and professional reasons, however I am at a loss as to how to answer it. Rather than attempt to respond, and perhaps either prove myself ignorant or worse, provide an answer harmful to veterans, I will only provide these snippets of information I found while researching this topic.

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