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Monday, December 11, 2023
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Biden signs marriage equality bill into law – but the Respect for Marriage Act has a few key limitations

Many leaders of major LGBTQ+ rights organizations have praised the Respect for Marriage Act. For example, Kelley Robinson, president of the LGBTQ+ advocacy group the Human Rights Campaign, said in November 2022 that the act will allow “the 568,000 same-sex married couples in this country … (to) breathe a sigh of relief that their marriages will be protected from future attacks.” However, the Respect for Marriage Act also has various limitations that have not received a lot of public attention.

I Am Glad the Respect for Marriage Act Will Be Law

Thanks to a bipartisan vote that is soon to be signed into law by President Biden, my 40-year marriage will be safe in all states. No, I am not LGBT. I am a heterosexual Cherokee woman who happens to be married to a white man. And by white, I mean 100 percent Irish Welsh. The Respect for Marriage Act protects same sex marriage. It also, finally, protects interracial marriages.

Human rights advocate Charlene Strong to discuss ‘marriage equality’ Oct. 29 at GU Law School

Charlene Strong, a nationally known human rights advocate and member of the Washington State Human Rights Commission, will present a discussion on marriage equality next week at the Gonzaga University School of Law.

Her lecture will be Oct. 29 at 7 p.m. in the school's Barbieri Courtroom (721 N. Cincinnati St.).

Is Referendum 74 a religious issue?

On Thursday there was a “discussion” on Referendum 74, the marriage equality proposal, at the Spokane Rotary Club. The discussion was between Bishop Blase Cupich, of the Catholic Diocese of Spokane, and City Councilman Jon Snyder.

Christian views differ on marriage equality

Soon after the state legislature legalized same-sex marriage the effort to repeal that law began, and it now appears we will be voting in November on whether or not the State of Washington will recognize such marriages. Though the signatures on the initiative petition repealing that law have not yet been fully certified, supporters of repeal are confident they have garnered far more than enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot.

Love Meets Fear: Reflections After North Carolina’s Amendment One

Prior to going to seminary, I worked in the performing arts as a stage manager. I have a lot of colorful friends from those days.

Couples smooch, show support for gay marriage

To show support for same-sex marriage about 10 couples scattered around River Park Square on Sunday for a flash mob kiss-in.

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