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New religious mandates in schools raise concerns over LGBTQ+ rights and freedom of religion

Examining the impact of religious mandates in public schools. Learn about the concerns and challenges faced by LGBTQ+ and non-Christian students and teachers.

Navigating Schism Over LGBTQ+ Rights: UMC at a Crossroads at General Conference

The United Methodist Church’s General Conference began Tuesday in Charlotte, North Carolina, and goes through May 4. Many believe this conference will finalize the UMC's final decision on whether to expand or limit LGBTQ+ rights within the whole denomination, not just on a church-by-church basis.

Blinded by Binaries: Why We Don’t See the Infinite Dignity of Two-Spirit People

There is much to learn from and praise in “Dignitas Infinita” (infinite dignity), the April 8 Vatican declaration. But its understanding of human dignity is wedded to binary opposites. This view puts the Vatican in an unholy alliance with Idaho’s legislature, which in order to wipe out the rights of transgender people has declared that there only two sexes, male and female.

Poll Shows Slight Dip in U.S. Support for LGBTQ Rights Across Religious Groups

While most Americans continue to broadly support LGBTQ rights, that support may be waning, including among religious Americans, according to a new poll from PRRI.

FāVS Religion News Roundup: Feb. 16

In this week's roundup we write about about Lunar New Year becoming a state holiday, an upcoming Black-owned business and resource fair, Nirvana Day celebrated at a Buddhist temple, an Idaho bill proposing teachers do not have to use students preferred pronouns and a convent transforming into a assisted living facility.

Harmony Increases When We Are More Curious about One Another

World Interfaith Harmony Week (Feb. 1-7) will soon be upon us, and oh how we need it. For all its ability to bring peace and order to our lives, religion has also been the fuel and catalyst for much fighting and strife.

FāVS Religion News Roundup: Sept. 14

Read about Eucharistic Expo 2023, Mayor Woodward possibly being censured by Spokane City Council, a Pride community crosswalk being graffitied and a Whitworth University speaker who will talk about library freedom.

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