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Ask A Catholic: Returning to the Church

I encourage you to give the Catholic faith another chance. At the same time, I hope you will do so with realistic expectations

Book by Catholic priest urges people to show compassion to LGBT community

In this short book Martin urges Catholic leaders to treat the LGBT community with “respect, compassion and sensitivity.” Likewise, he encourages gays to treat the church the same way.

Sparring continues as Catholic bishops prepare synod’s final report

VATICAN CITY (RNS) As Catholic bishops attending the global Synod on the Family were drawing up their final report on Friday (Oct. 17), prominent cardinals continued to spar over the direction the church should take on key issues.

The Rev. Bob Nugent, silenced for his work with gay Catholics, dies at 76

The Rev. Robert Nugent, a Catholic priest who was silenced by the Vatican for his work with gay and lesbian Catholics, died Wednesday (Jan. 1) after a three-month battle with brain cancer.

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