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10 years after Catholic sex abuse reforms, what’s changed?

When the nation’s Catholic bishops gather in Atlanta next week (June 13-15) for their annual spring meeting, a top agenda item will be assessing the reforms they adopted 10 years ago as revelations of widespread sexual abuse of children by priests consumed the church.

The policy package they approved at that 2002 meeting in Dallas was known as the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, or the Dallas charter, for short. With it, the bishops vowed to finally put an end to the abuse and secrecy.

Pastor’s sermons help through hard times

Is believing in love crazy? Especally with so many problems we need to solve?

UCC couple retire after 2 decades of service

For six years, Randy and Linda Crowe traveled south to the ninth — and largest — ward of New Orleans, combating mold breakouts and renovating houses that had been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. This year, though, the couple’s trips to Katrina end, as their retirements begin in a Volkswagen across the country.

BRIEF: Healing Rooms Ministries bring Graham Cooke to Spokane

Healing Room Ministries of Spokane will present Christian speaker and author, Graham Cooke, May 31 and June 1.

Calif. Presbyterians refuse to rebuke the Rev. Janie Spahr over gay marriages

In an unprecedented act of defiance, a California branch of the Presbyterian Church (USA) refused a ruling from a church court to rebuke a pastor who wed same-sex couples.

Do you agree with Tutu’s message of inclusivity?

Do you agree with Tutu's message of inclusivity? Read full story here.

Tutu expected to deliver homily at St. John’s Cathedral

UPDATE 5:07 p.m. Plans for the Cathedral to host the archbishop are on hold. See the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane website for...

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