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Lost in Translation: Isn’t It Time We Moved Beyond a Fear-Based Repentance?

When I hear the kingdom is at hand, followed immediately by the command to repent, the good news is overshadowed by the fear that I’m not good enough to be part of the kingdom of God.

Seeds of Hope: Thoreau, Jesus, and Enduring Faith in Hard Times

In “The Succession of Forest Trees,” an 1860 address to folks attending a county cattle show (precursor to our county fair), Henry David Thoreau proclaimed his “faith in a seed.”

Mental Health: Which Kingdom Will I Seek?

All the experiences we have come to classify as mental health disorders are real. However, despite their being real, I sometimes question the emphasis that ought to be placed on them.

Identity vs. Crisis

In using the power of discernment, logic and faith as the defining paradigm, the focal point is the relationship between created and creator. Given you are light, the question becomes where do you shine? Not vocationally but socially. Social behavior defines your identity. Recent news demonstrates that.

Don’t blink, you’ll miss it

Did we turn the corner and I missed it? Given all the attention to religious freedom and same sex marriage we must have forgotten the “seek first the Kingdom” thing somewhere along the way and moved on to the religious hot button issue du jure.

Four Square and the Kingdom Come, a kids game

Four square can be used to teach how to build the Kingdom of God on earth.

The Kingdom of God on Earth, and the Walking Wounded

We are intimately intertwined, these organizations and systems known or unknown. They are the patch work fabric under which we live our lives in the form of society .

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