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Ask A Muslim: Do you drink alcohol?

Consuming alcohol falls into the forbidden (in Arabic haram) category

How Muslim Women See Feminism Under The Lens Of Islam

When we view feminism under the lens of religion, it's imperative to remember what’s considered oppressive in one culture, demography, community might not be the case in another.

Two Men. Two Journeys. One Ramadan.

This year, during his third Ramadan, and first one in Spokane, he wants to try and be at the mosque every night for the community’s breaking of the fast, known as the iftar, or evening meal.

The Strength Of The Invisible Rope Of Faith

I knew someone I could put all my faith and trust in and He would sail me through this new, hard phase of my life.

Spokane stands in solidarity with Muslim community after Christchurch massacre

On Friday night residents from a variety of faiths spilled into the Spokane Islamic Center for a brief service to show they stand in solidarity with the Muslim community after an attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand killed 50 people.

Events planned to honor New Zealand shooting victims

Two programs are planned in Spokane this week to honor the victims of the mosque shootings in New Zealand.

Ask A Muslim: Day of Judgment

According to Islam, the signs of the Day of Judgment are divided into three: Past, Present, and Future.

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