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I Am Glad the Respect for Marriage Act Will Be Law

Thanks to a bipartisan vote that is soon to be signed into law by President Biden, my 40-year marriage will be safe in all states. No, I am not LGBT. I am a heterosexual Cherokee woman who happens to be married to a white man. And by white, I mean 100 percent Irish Welsh. The Respect for Marriage Act protects same sex marriage. It also, finally, protects interracial marriages.

Loving v. Virginia: Exploring biracial identity and reality in America 50 years after a landmark civil rights milestone

We set out to answer questions like: What is it like to be a biracial person in today’s America? How does biracial identity develop, and what should the rest of us understand in order to not inadvertently trivialize, fetishize or discriminate against biracial people? What does the country think of our kids and families, and how are they reflected in the culture, a half-century after Loving v. Virginia?

Most say they’re OK with interracial marriage, but could the brain tell a different story?

While the ruling in Loving v. Virginia (1967) was controversial at the time – in 1958 just 4 percent of Americans approved of marriages “between white and colored people” – today polls indicate that most Americans (87 percent) accept interracial marriage.

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