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Universal ethical truths are at the core of Jewish High Holy Days

What is the significance of these holy days for orthodox Jews, secular Jews and perhaps even for non-Jews?

Ask A Jew: What are the High Holy Days?

The High Holy Days are Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and the days in-between

At Temple Beth Shalom: Standing in Solidarity

The Sh’ma, as it sometimes called, is the essence of Judaism, so why were so many non-Jews saying it? Because of one atrocious act of hate, a swastika painted on the temple sometime during High Holy Day services, because of that we were all here together.

Ask a Jew: Can you tell me more about Jewish holidays?

As a rule, Jewish holidays begin at sunset the night before the first full day of the holiday. Traditionally, Jews aren’t allowed to work on major holidays.

Another way for Jews to atone this Yom Kippur: the eScapegoat

The weeks leading up to the Jewish High Holy Days are supposed to be marked by self-questioning: What failings must I atone for, and to whom must I apologize?

A group of artists, writers and animators are hoping a cartoon goat may help.

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