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God Called Me by Name, and I Follow Him

The Lord God made a sacrifice for my sake I cannot fully comprehend. My best response is to yield myself totally into His most capable hands. Because I am His own, I am safe. But there is more. He calls me by name and leads me to pasture.

My Sheep Hear My Voice

Hearing God's voice was both comfort and challenge, comforting to one so lonely, damaged and painfully aware of how stunted a person I was. Challenging in that what God said might not fit my own experience or expectation.

Hearing God’s Voice

Have you ever heard someone mention they hear God’s voice? In some cases I find it reassuring. In others, I look for an exit. What’s the difference? OK, you might question how I could be reassured when someone speaks simply of hearing God tell or ask them things. I, too, have found a quiet, compelling voice in my mind’s ear displaying greater courage, insight and wisdom than I can claim. Another voice at times would lead me to destructive conclusions or actions. Depending on which I attend to, the difference is stark.

This gets at something very important

This question didn’t interest me when I first read it, but upon reflection I realized it gets at something very important.

Think back for a moment to the days of the Roman Empire; back then from the point of view of Imperial Rome God sounded like marching armies and the clash of weapons in combat.

How God Showed Me He Cared Through A Hungry Cat

It was raining, like only Portland can pour — long, cold and dreary. My roommate had moved out because I had recommitted my life to Christ and the changes were a drag to him.

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