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‘Lose Weight or Die’

I started in February 2022. No more nighttime chips or nuts or those bags of chocolate chips I snuck from the pantry. No more ice cream. Much smaller portions. More fruit and even some veggies. Less pasta. No Friday pizza.

Centers for Spiritual Living Release Statement on Affordable Health Care

They said that affordable health care plays a significant role in the American Dream and is important for living constructive and inclusive spiritual values.

When Nietzsche Rides the Service Elevator Too: Reflecting on Cathy McMorris-Rodgers’ MLK Speech

Elevators, like the well from which Jesus drew water with the Samaritan woman, are compelling venues for conversation. Don’t you think?

Spokane rally calls for “health care for all”

More than 200 people crowded into Hamilton Studio Jan. 15 for a rally on health care, one of a series of events held across the country by members of the group Our Revolution.

Going public: Could Clinton’s health care proposals work?

As the spotlight shifts from the Republican to Democratic convention, Hillary Clinton’s plans for health care reform, including a proposed new “public option” for health insurance for some Americans, may draw greater attention from voters.

Supreme Court rules for Hobby Lobby

The Supreme Court on Monday (June 30) sided with the evangelical owners of Hobby Lobby Stores Inc., ruling 5-4 that the arts-and-crafts chain does not have to offer insurance for types of birth control that conflict with company owners’ religious beliefs.

Brief: Hobby Lobby wins preliminary injunction

Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. saw victory in federal court today when it was granted temporary exemption from the 2010 healthcare law that requires it offer workers insurance coverage for birth control.

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