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The Herschel Walker case belies the case for religion in politics

As for Walker, he seems to be surviving on the strength of those most fervent upholders of religion and morality, the white evangelicals of Georgia, who are unwilling even to suggest they might have a problem voting for a man who is accused of persuading his girlfriend to get an abortion (and paying for it). 

GOP abandons anti-abortion bill, angering religious conservatives on Roe anniversary

Abortion opponents marking the huge annual March for Life in Washington on Thursday (Jan. 22) and anticipating legislative gains by a Republican-dominated Congress were thrown into disarray after GOP leaders unexpectedly withdrew an anti-abortion bill that had been seen as a done deal.

The roots of Rep. Todd Akin’s rape remarks

"The question of rape always stirs the emotions whenever it is introduced into the abortion debate," Dr. Fred Mecklenburg wrote in 1972. "Unfortunately, the emotional impact of rape often clouds the real issues and the real facts."

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