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Tag: friendship

The Rhythm of the Boys

There has been a familiar, recognizable rhythm to the lives of my male friends, a rhythm that goes back 50 years

The key to restoration is embracing, not forgetting, the past

As a way to protect myself from my past, I had let the memories of our friendship fade.

Helping Friends Past Life’s Roadblocks

What if your friend seems to have come to a roadblock in their journey of life? What can you say or do, when they tell you something like, “there’s no hope, nothing’s working for me.”

Ask A Buddhist: When Friends Disagree

I believe that true friends can disagree and still support one another overall

Our capacity to connect

Somewhere across the years, however – sometime during that melancholic and hard and, I suppose, necessary process that we call growing up – most of us lose the ability to make friends with such rapidity and such ease. We became cautious, guarded, reserved.

Sacrifice is easy when it’s for a friend

That's the benefit of friendship. It blesses me, and leads me to sacrifice on behalf of the one who is my friend.

Missing my friend at Christmas

Every year I hear from a good friend at Christmas time. I see her two boys growing older in the photos. I hear of the events in her life over the past year.

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