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Friends Are The True Gifts this Holiday Season

I may be disconnected from my own family, and my list of friends may have slimmed over the years, but the people who remain are truly “good-hearted” and make me better.

We Have to Enter the Vastness of Life to Find Friendship

Friendship has become rare for most today. Remember our childhood? Friendship was as easy as asking, “Do you want to be friends?”

I Find in Pullman’s Trinity Lutheran Church an Immersive Experience

My friend Susan Swan spoke very highly of Trinity Lutheran Church located just off of the WSU campus nestled gently at the top of NE Lybecker Road in Pullman. She was a retired professor of history, and in her more active days, she spent many a Sunday there.

Ask a Hindu: Remaining Friends Forever

Are there any rules, customs or traditions in the Hindu religion or culture that specify you "must" remain friends with someone who has been helpful to you, no matter what?

A tale of tolerance – how ‘Mad Dog’ Matt taught me to see the best in others

I squint hard to see something special in rude and crude people I too easily want to dismiss as not worth the trouble. Because they are trouble. Yet, like Matt, I have found they have value, too.

On Friends and Friendship

Most of us have a few, maybe a handful, of best friends who go back to our beginnings. We share common history, of course, and that is part of the friend dynamic. But there often are long gaps in those shared experiences. I have not seen some of my best friends in several years and we communicate by phone or email or social media infrequently.

A friend’s cancer diagnosis is a reminder to show gratitude

My friends have shown me so much good-heartedness, and now with this news, I found myself wondering how I’ve shown my gratitude for them, and how I’ve returned their kindness.

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