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Monday, December 11, 2023

Tag: feminism

Queen Vashti Is Not the Feminist Symbol Many Want Her to Be

On Purim, observant Jewish men, to varying degrees, imbibe strong drink. And Jewish women do their best to keep the men safe and anchored in civilization. The holiday thus may not seem very female-centered. But, in truth, it is.

The Boobie Bandit Steals Baby Jesus

The war on Christmas is a reality, well, at least it was at St, Peter’s Square when a Ukrainian feminist snatched the little nativity Jesus in a rush of topless protest.

Feminist: My Favorite F Word

When I hear it, I feel strong. When others hear it, they feel attacked. Yet it is a word and a movement that shapes all of us: feminism.

BRIEF: Gonzaga professors to discuss “What Can We Learn from Feminism?”

Gonzaga University’s “What Can We Learn?” lecture series, which focuses on lessons from great thinkers of the past, continues with “What Can We Learn from Feminism?” at 7 p.m. on Oct. 24 in the Jepson Center’s Wolff Auditorium.

Call me mister

An entire lifetime of angry feminism and all that time, I’ve missed a piece of truly low-hanging lady-rage fruit. How, in 28 years, has it never occurred to me to be angry about the term “Mrs.” being reserved for married women?

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