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What I’ve learned as a rookie writer

Most people don’t start their journey to becoming a published author the way I did. I actually started my book (Epic Grace: Chronicles of a Recovering Idiot, Tyndale) as a journal for my children and grandchildren.

Staying safe while ministering to mentally ill, poor

This week, Faith & Values news is exploring what happens when violence crosses thresholds in churches, synagogues and mosques. We’ve learned about church safety, mosques set ablaze and how congregations are preparing for the “when” — not “if” — attacks will happen.

In Spokane, churches teeter on a delicate balance of opening their doors wide and locking them tight. One church caters to people who can sometimes be aggressive or hostile. How do they minister to individuals in crisis and keep their own flock safe?

Another way for Jews to atone this Yom Kippur: the eScapegoat

The weeks leading up to the Jewish High Holy Days are supposed to be marked by self-questioning: What failings must I atone for, and to whom must I apologize?

A group of artists, writers and animators are hoping a cartoon goat may help.

Introducing Ask A Mormon

“So, do you file your horns down or does the hair just cover them?”

“How many moms do you have?”

“What’s with the magic underwear?”

Ask A Buddhist: Is finding a guru necessary?

Because the Buddha was a teacher and the Dharma is the body of his teachings, simply to study Buddhism means you already have a teacher. Yet, as mentioned above, your query leads to more questions than answers, the most important being, what do you want from a teacher?

3 things Christians should learn from the world

1. Never assume, because you are a Christian, that people know you love them.

I mention this one first because it’s been at the front of my mind for some time now.

Once widely spoken, now mostly studied, Yiddish sees revival

BLOOMFIELD, Conn. (RNS) Friends of Yiddish has no agenda. No textbooks. No Yiddish grammar rules.

Its members gather every month at the B’nai Tikvoh-Sholom synagogue to speak a language stamped in their hearts and memories.

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