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It’s OK To Talk About Mental Health, Ask For Help

Even with people in the public eye, most recently Meghan Markle, being more open about their mental health, there is still an insurmountable amount of shame, loneliness, and isolation surrounding it

How can people of faith help those suffering from depression, anxiety?

The recent suicide of WSU quarterback Tyler Hilinski hit me harder than most news stories. I don’t know the circumstances that led up to his death or the state of his mental health, but it made me reflect on the millions of Americans, especially those in my own millennial generation, who suffer from depression and anxiety.

My Personal Experience with Suicide

The first time I experienced suicide was when I was 16 and my mom attempted to kill herself through a prescription drug overdose.

Depression is Like Riding a Bike With Flat Tires

Living with depression is like riding a bicycle with flat tires. You try SO hard, pedal with all your might, but you just crawl along, never able to achieve that feeling of flying that riding a bike should give you.

Holy Week: Go toward the pain

May this Holy Week be an invitation to you and to me to go towards the pain.

Gratitude, Luck and Depression

How do you deal with depression and illness, whether it is your own or that of a person you care about?

“God will use me to change the world”

I am writing this article under the influence of mild depression. I think the lack of sun these past couple weeks combined with a long litany of sad events is the cause.

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