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FāVS Religion News Roundup: July 5

Read the region's latest religion news: Cd'A's new 'Hate Crimes' ordinance, CAIR-WA's demand for justice for murdered Afghan teen and more.

When Is Freedom of Speech Too Much?

While the First Amendment does give us freedom of speech, the U.S. Supreme Court has placed some limits. Notable, the ruling you cannot yell “fire” in a crowded theatre to create a panic or harm people, which has been partially overturned since.

Sinead O’Connor Was a Rock Star and a Muslim. Why Did Obituaries Miss This?

The obscuring of Sinead O’Connor’s Muslim faith by the mainstream media suggests that the Islamic faith is still seen as somehow incompatible with show business. Few Muslim female singers reach global fame on this scale, so it is disappointing that so few in the media saw O’Connor’s brilliant life as a chance to challenge Islamophobia.

Moving on: Joplin Muslim community moves forward after mosque burns to ground

What happens when your worship space burns to the ground, and no one even knows who or what is at fault? How do you go on? An Islamic community in Joplin shows us what resilience looks like and how courage helps to heal.

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