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Finding Community Online

I was interested in the idea of anonymously — and, hopefully, civilly — engaging in or at least observing thoughtful reflections and discussions on religion.

My FAVorite Present—A Calling into Question

And here, I arrive at the the reason I support what Spokane FāV’s has accomplished, and is doing. On Jan. 6, the congregation, known as Origin Church—known formerly, as Covenant Christian, and previous to that, as Central Christian--votes to make a gift of its property to the imaginative and prophetic genius of a religion journalist, Tracy Simmons, and to the Board of Spokane FāV’s.

A response to Mark Azzara’s “How Do We Know Who We Are?”

I didn’t set out to bust your chops. But I felt as though your take on the Roy-Atwood view of art as it relates to human relationships didn’t tell the whole story.

How do we know who we are?

Two great authors smugly assert that we learn about others via the arts. But the arts are no match for God.

Decisions have consequences

But we rarely think about them, much less ask God to make us aware.

Inclusivity is the foundation of a strong community

As a community we were spending more time arguing over our political differences and less time developing sound policy-based solutions.

The Sacredness of Showing up Part II: Presence and Prayer

When we come together in prayer, the individual and the community are strengthened.

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