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Trust & Safety: A Response to December’s Coffee Talk

I found it interesting at a Coffee Talk on trust I was told because of my “privilege” I didn’t have a right to talk about walking in life without fear.

It’s the End of the World, As We Know it. But I feel optimistic

We must set the example by rebuilding trust in ourselves, the world, and people and communities around us.

Coffee Talk: Restoring Trust

Trust is broken. We don't trust the media, the government, the church, our neighbors. How do we restore it?

Grace is the Antidote of Distrust and Division

Americans have always had an intimate and often tense relationship with whom they disagree.

Is It Time for Another Constitutional Amendment?

If we review these facts without considering our own party affiliation, and be brutally honest with our findings, could a large majority of American citizens feel confident that justice is being served? I fear not and that brings me to the new, proposed Constitutional amendment.

Rebuilding Trust By Strengthening The “Homeless Link”

In today's society, when friendships or business relationships go sour, it is much more likely that one will simply “move on” than that a person will expend the energy needed to repair a broken relationship.

‘Running the homeless out of the city is running Jesus out of the city’

I started to think about all those people we had just talked about at Coffee Talk – the people sleeping under downtown bridges or in doorways of businesses closed for the night or in their cars.

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