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How should we respond to migrants, refugees?

Should not all refugees, economic or political, deserve to be shown compassion and care in the political system?

Syrian refugee crisis fueled by ignorance

The refugee crisis is spreading across Europe like a plague. The most upsetting piece of this issue, is that this plague may be almost incurable.

You can help give hope to Syrian refugees here in Spokane

My heart hurts as we watch thousands of Syrian refugees run for their lives.

Coffee Talk Saturday: Transparency In Religious Organizations

On Saturday at 10 a.m. SpokaneFāVS will host its monthly Coffee Talk forum at The Gathering House Cafe, 733 W Garland Ave.

Why transparency is a spiritual issue

We have all been at that point when we don’t know whether opening up and sharing with another person will help us or hurt us; whether what we share will make a relationship stronger or damage it beyond repair.

SpokaneFāVS wins national community initiative award

Today the Local Media Association awarded SpokaneFāVS the first place award for "Best Community Initiative."

Accepting the Whole Truth: A Mormon Looks at Transparency

In the last few years, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons or LDS) has begun, very quietly and sometimes haltingly, to discuss some of the more problematic elements of Mormon history and past practices.

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