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Church of Berachah

The Church of Berachah is one of Spokane's Historic Church's.

Community: Tears of joy, tears of sorrow

In the past two weeks, I have learned of a death of an acquaintance, celebrated a wedding and mourned anew on the 12th anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks. It was really a sharp contrast: many lives taken too soon juxtaposed with the radiant joy and fellowship of celebrating the forming of a new family.

POLL: Do you skip church to watch football?

Football season is well on its way. Do you ever skip church to watch?

Diversity in the Pews: Segregation common on Sunday mornings

The time that Christians are coming together to praise God — 11 a.m. on Sundays — is also the most segregated hour of America, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. once pointed out. Two local religious leaders say decades later King’s words still ring true. They offered their insights on church segregation today, explaining what it looks like, why they believe people should care, and what can be done about it.

POLL: Why are millennials are leaving the church?

We keep saying millennials are leaving the church, but before we start discussing why that is, let's take a look at the numbers prompting researchers to make such a claim.

3 things Christians should learn from the world

1. Never assume, because you are a Christian, that people know you love them.

I mention this one first because it’s been at the front of my mind for some time now.

Assemblies of God defies denominational decline

ORLANDO, Fla. (RNS) The Assemblies of God, a denomination rooted in rural and small town America, appears to have leaped into the 21st century with dramatic results.

At its General Council meeting this week (Aug. 5-9), the denomination touted its formula for defying the seemingly irreversible decline of other religious groups: contemporary music, arts and high-tech quality communication, outreach to young people, immigrants and ethnic minorities.

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