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What’s next for Robert Finn, the first Catholic bishop convicted in sex abuse cover-up?

Catholic Bishop Robert W. Finn was found guilty Thursday (Sept. 6) of failing to tell police about a priest suspected of sexually exploiting children, an unprecedented verdict that is being hailed as a landmark in the effort to bring accountability to the church's hierarchy.

Monsignor William Lynn sentenced to 3-6 years for Catholic sex abuse cover-up

Monsignor William J. Lynn, the first U.S. Catholic official convicted for covering up the sexual abuse of children, was sentenced to 3-6 years in prison on Tuesday (July 24).
Lynn, 61, has been in jail since his June 22 conviction on endangering the welfare of a child.

BRIEF: Retreat focuses on holistic living

The Spirit Center Monastery of St. Gertrude in Cottonwood, Idaho will host "Gardening of the Soul: Holistic Living" from July 20-22.

According to a press release the retreat will focus on how "soul gardening" can contribute to healthy living and attendees will explore concepts of holistic living through music, nutrition, art and movement.

Victims group urges Philadelphia archbishop to defrock convicted priest, Monsignor William Lynn

The leading advocacy group for victims of sexual abuse by clergy is urging Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput to defrock the priest convicted last week of shielding other clerics who preyed on children. But laicizing Monsignor William Lynn is not as simple as it sounds.

10 years after Catholic sex abuse reforms, what’s changed?

When the nation’s Catholic bishops gather in Atlanta next week (June 13-15) for their annual spring meeting, a top agenda item will be assessing the reforms they adopted 10 years ago as revelations of widespread sexual abuse of children by priests consumed the church.

The policy package they approved at that 2002 meeting in Dallas was known as the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, or the Dallas charter, for short. With it, the bishops vowed to finally put an end to the abuse and secrecy.

$1.5 million settlement moves diocese closer to resolving sexual abuse claims

The Spokesman Review reported today that the Catholic Diocese of Spokane is one step closer to resolving the sexual abuse claims and avoiding foreclosures of churches and schools.

Catholic groups file suit over HHS birth control mandate

Dozens of Catholic universities, dioceses and other institutions filed lawsuits in courts around the country on Monday (May 21) in a coordinated effort, spearheaded by the U.S. hierarchy and Catholic conservatives, to overturn the Obama administration’s contraception mandate plan.


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