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Ask A Jew: Becoming a rabbi

Can you become a rabbi (female) if your mother is not Jewish?

Ask a Jew: What is the term used for a Jew who circumcises newborns?

You’re referring to a mohel, who circumcises newborn Jewish boys (if their caregivers want that).

Ask A Jew: What helps you on your spiritual journey?

Here are six things that seem to help me on my spiritual journey

Ask A Jew: Jesus King of the Jews?

The phrase “King of the Jews” is used in Christian literature, not Jewish.

Ask A Jew: Will my child be accepted into a Jewish community? Will I?

If a child’s mother is Jewish, the vast majority of Jewish communities will accept that child as Jewish. If a child’s father is Jewish but the mother is not, then Reform and Reconstructionist congregations, and other Jewish progressive communities (Renewal, Humanistic, etc.), will accept the child as Jewish if he or she is being raised Jewish.

Ask a Jew: What’s the Biggest Threat to the Jewish People?

Neal Schindler lists some possible threats to Judaism, from within and without. However, he wonders if Jews are too fixated on the idea of existential threat.

Ask a Jew: How do ultra-Orthodox Jews support their large families?

I’m not Orthodox, or even close. So I posted your question in a Facebook group I’m a part of called God Save Us From Your Opinion: A Place For Serious Discussion of Judaism, which I know many Orthodox Jews are members of.

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