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Tag: antisemitism

Elon Musk Visits Auschwitz after Uproar over Antisemitic Messages on X

Elon Musk, who has been accused of allowing antisemitic messages on his social media platform, X, visited the site of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp on Monday.

Colleges Plagued By Antisemitism As Israel-Hamas War Rages On

The war between Israel and Hamas may be taking place 5,600 miles away from the United States, but the streets of some of America’s largest cities — and on college campuses in particular — have been highlighted over the past month by incidents of antisemitism.

Spokane Muslim Leader Pushes City Council to Rewrite Pro-Israel Resolution, Include Muslim Voices

On Monday at 12 p.m., Naghmana Sherazi and several community leaders will be speaking with Spokane City Council Members Betsy Wilkerson and Zack Zappone at City Hall, asking them to rewrite the Pro-Israel resolution all members unanimously approved on Oct. 9.

Ask a Jew: Would I Be Welcomed if I Visited a Local Synagogue?

Would I be welcomed if I visited a local synagogue? The quick answer is, “Generally, yes, you’ll be very welcome.” That being said, a little preparation will make all the difference.

Call It Soros-Phobia

George Soros, the wealthy Hungarian-American financier and philanthropist, is the bogey man of the American right wing. They trace whatever they don’t like about liberalism or progressive politics back to Soros’ imaginary machinations. Soros is the puppet-master. George Soros is a Jew. These are antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Memories of Russia, Auschwitz and Antisemitism on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Russians drove my father’s family from Europe, not the Nazis. My paternal grandfather, living in the neverland between Ukraine and Russia, fled to America in the 1920s. Pogroms that decimated Jewish villages in Eastern Europe had been sending Jews west for decades, fueling bursts of Jewish immigration to the U.S.

Reflecting on the Jewish Culture I Know and Love

Last week’s commentary “for non-Jews on Judaism” by Hyphen Parent caught my interest. I’m not Jewish. Never was. I was raised Episcopalian, embraced agnosticism for more than a decade and settled into the Baha’i Faith for the last half-century. Along the way I’ve always admired the rich cultural heritage of my many Jewish friends.

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