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As Trump Hawks Bible, Debate Over ‘Christian America’ Spreads Outside Church

During the heyday of American churchgoing, some presidents sought to use religion to unite the country. In the age of Trump, it is one more thing to fight over.

Don’t Go into a Relationship — or Institution — Thinking You Can Change Them

One thing I’ve found myself saying to students repeatedly over the years is, “Don’t go into a relationship hoping the other person will change for you.” Only in fairy tales do frogs turn into princes or old hags into maidens with true love’s kiss.

White Christians Think Too Many People See Racism When It’s not There, New Survey Finds

A new survey from Pew Research revealed once again how deeply divided religious Americans are when it comes to matters of race and systemic racism.

Jesus: the Marketing Plan

Ernesto Tinajero warns the American church about greed and the love of money, the most prevalent sin in our society.

Trying to Stay United in a Divided World

I have to believe that unity must mean something more than one group being right and working tirelessly to get the other group join their side. It has to transcend my own limits as a liberal-leaning Christian, and it has to transcend the limits of conservative Christians as well.

Meet Eli Sowry, focusing on American Christianity and Jesus

Please welcome Eli Sowry to our team of writers.

Sowry is a senior at Moody Bible Institute-Spokane and hopes to become a clinical psychologist one day.

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