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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Tag: addiction

Spokane’s Opioid Emergency: Religious Organizations Adapt to Aid Addiction Crisis

Spokane's opioid crisis prompts faith-based organizations to adapt their approach. Learn how Adult and Teen Challenge PNW and local churches are responding to Mayor Brown's state of emergency with Christ-centered programs and community outreach initiatives.

Ask An Eastern Orthodox Christian: How does someone with addiction live a religious life?

The question is not how can someone live a religious life, but it's why they should live a religious Christian life.

After battling addictions, Creed frontman Scott Stapp renews his faith

(RNS) Creed frontman Scott Stapp speaks with enthusiasm about reclaiming his life and his relationship with God. He is overjoyed to have escaped death and seeks to “pay my experience forward by helping others.”

Randy Travis – Perfect candidate for recovery

Addiction can cut a wide path of destruction….career, reputation, relationships. The news story about Randy Travis this week reminded me just how wide that path can be.

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