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Ask An Atheist: Why is the PNW so unchurched?

There does appear to be no shortage of physical churches in Spokane, though, they're far commoner block on block than Starbuck's or Zip's.

Ask An Atheist: Stupid Questions

So far I haven't been asked any really silly questions.  I mean that.

Ask An Atheist: Do you believe in reincarnation?

Probably not.  As far as we can tell, to be a self-aware entity requires that we have a working brain, since we are what the brain does.

Ask An Atheist: Will I see my loved ones again?

All should cherish their loved ones while still alive, lest this be your only chance to do so.

Ask An Atheist: What’s it like to celebrate Christian holidays?

 In America it has turned into functionally an over the top cosplay party with virtually no religious connotation for most people, and the secular practice has spread to England where parents grump over having to buy bags of candy to gift the marauding disguised child extortionists as do their American counterparts.

Ask An Atheist: God and nature

Those who seek to see "intelligence in nature" may not have looked as close at the nature as they should have.

Ask an Atheist: What happens after death?

Nothing. Dying is not unlike going to sleep, when our consciousness shuts down, only this time no waking up.

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