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Ask A Buddhist: Can I be an agnostic/atheist Buddhist?

In short, yes. Agnostic Buddhism is very much a thing, but commonly called secular Buddhism.

Ask an Agnostic: What Do Agnostics Believe?

Mysterious events happen and cannot be easily explained. For now, those events do not convince me of a Higher Being behind the creation of the universe.

Ask a Buddhist: What Exactly Is the ‘Bogd’ and His Role?

Last March, the Dalai Lama identified a young Mongolian boy as the Bogd, the 10th incarnation of the spiritual leader of Mongolian Buddhism.

Ask An Evangelical: Is God Just?

Other synonyms for “just” Christians can relate to when it comes to God include: blameless, dependable, ethical, fair-minded, honorable, nondiscriminatory, trustworthy and unbiased.

Ask An Evangelical: Why do evangelicals deny evolution?

When it comes to evolution, I’m more inclined to trust what the Bible says than what science tells us.

FāVS Expands “Ask” series with Hindu and Quaker column

SpokaneFāVS is pleased to announce the addition of "Ask A Quaker" and "Ask A Hindu" to its popular Ask series.

SpokaneFāVS Presents: Ask A Catholic

As part of its "Ask" series FāVS is launching an "Ask A Catholic" column where readers can submit questions to local Catholic author Mitch Finley, who will answer the questions in a column here on SpokaneFāVS.com

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