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Response to Ask An Atheist: A Loving God?

So, IF the Bible is accurate and truthful about God existing and how He created the world, and IF He is perfect in all things, we can conclude that there wasn’t anything wrong with how or what he created. But there are huge problems in our world so how do we explain them?

Ask An Atheist: Better Without Religion?

Religions can inspire philanthropy and great art, or heretic hunting and ignorance.

Ask An Atheist: A Loving God?

If the god(s) are moral and nice, why do they allow things that aren't moral or nice?

Ask An Atheist: Freedom of Conscience

The sound secular position is that governments ought to have no power to coerce belief, or enforce lack of it. That was the principle on which our Republic was founded, and it ought to be the model for all the earth.

Ask An Atheist: Atheist or Secular?

To be secular in a personal sense means not governing ones life based on religious dogmas, even though one can appreciate their social sides.

Ask An Atheist: What if I Believe in Reincarnation?

The short answer is that a belief in reincarnation is not automatically an endorsement of gods (or "devils", whatever they are), and so you can believe in reincarnation and be an atheist too.

Ask An Atheist: I don’t know vs. I don’t believe

As an Atheist, what are your thoughts about the statements: "I don't believe in God" and "I know that God doesn't exist"?

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