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Importance of Brother and Sister Relationship


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Every relationship in one’s life comes to them in order to teach something or to make them a better version of themselves. And a brother sister relationship is no different. The relationship shared by a brother and sister is that of love-hate in which the love factor overcomes all. From being recognised as an introvert or extrovert or outgoing or anti-social, an individual develops all these factors while cohabitating with their brother or sister. A person’s social or outgoing nature is what helps him/ her to adjust better in his/her later life which is what a healthy sibling relationship like that of a brother and sister duo helps in building.

Though, it is quite seen that as a young brother-sister duo grows up and becomes an adolescent brother-sister duo, the spark tends to get vanished day by day or the bond they both used to share tends to get replaced by some other person. To keep up with their beautiful relationship, Indians every year celebrate the joyous festival of Raksha Bandhan in which a rakhi or protection thread is tied on brother’s wrist in order to remind him of his sister’s love. And in return, the brother pledges to protect his sister from every trouble as he pours his love and greetings to her over some thoughtful rakhi gifts. We thought as a single festival wouldn’t be enough to convince you to appreciate this loving bond, hence we have listed a few noteworthy importance of every brother-sister relationship, which is what will help you understand and value this bond even more.

  1. A sense of protection – As we earlier mentioned the whole point of celebrating Raksha Bandhan as per age-old traditions and rituals is this, it also makes the primary point to convince one to value such relationship. Brothers are a solid rock who would even get ready to take a bullet for you (though they won’t accept this fact on your face, but they would) no matter how emotional or sentimental kind of a person, he seems to be. If anyone after your father would willingly protect you, shield you against every trouble and wouldn’t even spare the evil doer if he/she hurts you, he is your brother. If you fight with him, he would totally let you win. But he would never let his enemy or any wrongdoer win or get away with his power or supremacy.
  2. Best Ear –  Not all are lucky enough to have brothers, as they are the ones who would actually listen and give you their valuable advice. Be it anything that is currently troubling you or you want him to cover up in front of your parents as you go out on a date with your boyfriend, you have got it all sorted till the time you have him in your life. He is literally the best kind of friend one looks forward to having.
  3. Your Partner In Health, Sickness And Crime – Whoever said that brothers don’t gossip was highly delusional. Best friends in disguise, brothers are like the best possible friend that one can ask for. From gossiping/ bitching about someone to lending you some pocket money, he is the coolest partner you can ask for.

So, these were the top important reasons to nurture a healthy brother- sister relationship.

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