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How Praying Can Bring a Positive Change in Your Familial Life


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How Praying Can Bring a Positive Change in Your Familial Life

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There are several activities that bring us closer to faith and praying is one of them. Not only does it help us establish a bond with the divine, but we can also find immense peace and harmony in the feeling of being guided. Bonding over a spiritual experience is far more gratifying because it creates a healthy emotional regulation between you and your family members. If you have not yet established a routine of praying regularly individually and with your loved ones, this blog will discuss the wealth of benefits that come from the practice. 

  1. Unites your family: “A family that prays together, stays together” is quite a fitting statement with respect to this aspect. This is not only because of the spiritual experience that one may feel, but also a deepening of bonds with other members. So often, we choose to keep our trials and tribulations to ourselves. This also may arise out of not wanting to stress others out or the result of feelings like shame and embarrassment. However, praying together gives us the opportunity to find grace for one another in the midst of dealing with our own issues. When we pray as a united family, the vulnerability also brings parents, children, and other members closer together.
  • The emotion of gratitude: One of the biggest virtues of life is experiencing gratitude in our daily lives. It can be difficult at times to acknowledge all that is going right when the problems outweigh the blessings, but praying can change that for us. When we give thanks either in a church, a liturgical mass, or even through holy communities like the Wyoming Carmelites, the collective praying for our intention together brings an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Most often, the main emotion needed to turn any situation around is gratitude, which praying with your community can bring.
  • Teaches your children empathy: Children can learn to empathize very quickly, but praying can help them reach a healthy place with ease. So often we are unaware of the sufferings of the less fortunate. Praying as an act of service to others and ourselves can help children understand and acknowledge their experiences as well as others.  A prayerful and empathetic child grows up to be emotionally intelligent and well-equipped to handle stressful situations with ease.
  • Shifts mindset to a positive outlook: Praying leaves everyone with a sense of calm and serenity each time. This is also because we seem to talk about all that worries us, releasing the negative emotions by not holding them in our hearts. A clean conscience brings about a positive outlook, with a deep sense of contentment. 
  • Helps overcome complex emotions: The human experience is about living through a wide range of emotions but may become difficult to regulate at times. Praying from time to time can help become one’s outlet to process conflicting emotions in a safe space.

Wrapping Up:

Creating the habit to pray daily before meals, at bedtime, and on important occasions can help turn the lives of your family around. If you haven’t done it before, try this for 21 days to notice the change in everyone if you’ve been particularly stressed.

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