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God has done a great job


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God has done a great job. He/She/It has made a wonderful world beyond our comprehension. Creation is so vast and complex that everything imaginable is possible and yet God has given it a structure that has allowed for predictability within this realm. God has given us just enough cognizance and wherewithal to cope with our surroundings, but not enough for us to get cocky about it! 

It is a wonderful existence that we share, and we each experience it alone. I am in awe of the achievements of this omnipresent/omnipotent being and I give it my whole-hearted approval. Interestingly enough I suspect that my approval is probably not significant to even warrant recognition by the aforementioned ubiquitous being of superlative power, but I have granted it nonetheless. I am thoroughly impressed. If this existence was a drawing created by God I would put it on the cosmic fridge and stick a gold star on its margins. I approve.


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