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Do you believe in miracle healings?


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Evangelist Benny Hinn was in Toledo, Ohio on Sunday night (Sept. 8) for a “Special Miracle Service” at Cornerstone Church.

Hinn lays hands on people who have physical illness or ailments to heal them of their maladies.

Many other evangelists, preachers and laypersons practice divine healing, following the example of Jesus in many biblical accounts as in Matthew 8:13 and Luke 6:17.

Some people think miracle healings were only for Jesus’ time, while others say that divine healings never reallly happened.

Do you believe people can be healed of diseases or physical ailments today through prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit?


David Yonke
David Yonke
David Yonke is the editor and community manager of ToledoFAVS. A veteran reporter, editor, and author, his name is familiar name to many area readers for his many years at The Blade newspaper including the last 12 years as religion editor.


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