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Dunn, from Gonzaga, to discuss Islamic State at next Coffee Talk

Shannon Dunn, assistant professor of religious studies at Gonzaga University, will be a panelist at the Nov. 1 Coffee Talk, which will focus on "Religion and Politics."

Archbishop Chaput blasts Vatican debate on family, says ‘confusion is of the devil’

Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput, a leading culture warrior in the U.S. hierarchy, says he was “very disturbed” by the debate over church teachings on gays and remarried Catholics at this month’s Vatican summit, saying it sent a confusing message and “confusion is of the devil.”

In evangelical nonprofits, women leaders lag behind peers in general market

A new study by researchers at Gordon College and Wheaton College has confirmed what many have long suspected — that many evangelical institutions lag far behind the general marketplace in leadership roles for women.

Handwritten, Heritage Saint John’s Bible to be on display at St. John’s Cathedral

On Oct. 26, at 9:15 a.m. Brad Neary, heritage program director of The Saint John's Bible Heritage Edition will present a lecture at The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist on the creation of the first handwritten, illuminated Bible to be commissioned since the invention of the printing press.

Mark Driscoll speaks: ‘There are lots of things I could say …’

Days after stepping down as head of Seattle’s Mars Hill megachurch, Driscoll spoke briefly Monday (Oct. 2) at the Gateway Conference in suburban Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Initially, he and conference organizers agreed that he would not give a formal address at the conference.

Idaho ministers sue to prevent gay weddings at for-profit wedding chapel

The owners of an Idaho wedding chapel have filed suit against officials in Coeur d’Alene, claiming that the city is unconstitutionally forcing them to violate their religious beliefs by performing same-sex marriages or face possible fines and jail time.

BRIEF: Friday Musical season opener this Friday

On Oct. 24, Friday Musical, a 99-year-old champion of music in Spokane, will open its 2014-15 season at the Holy Names Music Center Recital Hall.

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