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Faith Communities Present at Spokane’s 2015 Pride

Spokane’s 24th Annual Pride Parade and Rainbow Festival showed an increase in representation of local faith communities, all of which, except for the Spokane Street Preachers (SSP), were open and affirming congregations and were present to participate in the celebration.

5 faith facts about Jeb Bush: Catholicism ‘resonated with me’

Like his Republican brethren, Catholic convert Jeb Bush, 62, is chasing the white evangelical vote in the pre-primary heats of the 2016 presidential race.

Audio of Dolezal on panel discussing racism, prejudice

In October SpokaneFAVS had a Coffee Talk panel discussion on racism and prejudice. Rachel Dolezal was a panelist.

Dolezal: Responses, reactions from faith community

What are your thoughts on the recent stories about Rachel Dolezal's identity? How should the faith community respond?

Pope Francis to open 30-bed homeless shelter a few steps from Vatican walls

Pope Francis will open a homeless shelter on the edge of Vatican City, the latest move by the pontiff to help poor people in Rome.

Retreat: Finding God in the Ordinary

The Franciscan Place at St. Joseph Family Center will offer a 5-day guided retreat in July that will focus on discovering "the many ways God desires to come into our lives

PJALS brings “Boycott” Poster Display to Spokane

Boycotts can be effective. A poster exhibit in the Phase 1 building at Spokane’s Washington State/Eastern Washington State campus illustrates how economic activism has worked over the years; from the Montgomery Bus Boycott in the 1950s, the anti-Apartheid movement of the 80s to today’s call by many organizations to boycott Israel.

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