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City continues work on network of Warming Centers

The City of Spokane is negotiating agreements with local organizations to provide a network of Warming Centers for those experiencing homelessness this winter. 

Consider Advertising With FāVS, reach a targeted, loyal audience

It's that time of year when churches and other organizations are deciding where to promote their holiday events. SpokaneFāVS is a great platform to reach local readers interested in faith, ethics and community — and for a reasonable price.

Salvation Army of Spokane kicks off holiday support programs

This month The Salvation Army of Spokane returned its many programs that support families in need during the winter season. Adopt-A-Family, Angel Tree and Clothe-A-Child programs are three ways in which the community can help.

This Weekend’s Salmon Tales Gala To Raise Funds for Salish School

“It [the event] is an opportunity for people to join in the work of achieving our mission,” Parkin said.  “It’s an opportunity for somebody who is out there who thinks that we should honor the true full history of Spokane including the first nations of Spokane, the original inhabitants and the first language of Spokane.”

POLL: The votes are in – What’s your reaction?

SpokaneFāVS wants to know, how are you feeling about the Midterm Elections results?

Faith groups mount election turnout efforts that could help both parties

Waves of religious groups are mustering passionate get-out-the-vote efforts in the final hours before the heated midterm elections, with clergy pushing the faithful to the polls in ways that stand to aid both Republicans and Democrats.

A Washington state lawmaker’s notes on ‘biblical’ war threaten his re-election bid

SPOKANE — A quiet race for a state legislative seat in Washington’s 4th legislative district has been thrown into turmoil after a document outlining the biblical reason for war, written by incumbent Republican Matt Shea, was leaked on Facebook last week.

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