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Congregations improvise ways to fight COVID-19’s isolation

But with social distancing and electronic connections come challenges. Cornell is worried older members of her church may become lonesome.

VIDEO: How Congregations Can Improve Virtual Presence During COVID-19 Restrictions

Here are some guidelines and tips on how you can digitize your worship services.

FāVS To Host Webinar On Digitizing Worship

Join Scott Thumma, director of the Hartford Institute for Religion Research, and FāVS Editor Tracy Simmons for a live webinar Wednesday evening and learn best practices for improving your virtual presence during this time of crisis.

Spokane Community Steps Up to Lessen Burdens Due to COVID-19 Restrictions

The Spokane community is stepping up to lessen burdens to hard hit members of our area brought on by the COVID-19 restrictions, and favs.news wants to keep you in the loop.

COVID-19: List of House of Worship Closings in Spokane Area

Below is a list of houses of worship throughout the region that have made the decision to cancel their on-site services.

Episcopal Diocese of Spokane, Spokane Buddhist Temple,Suspends Worship Services

On Friday Bishop Gretchen Rehberg of the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane requested that all churches suspend worship until March 31, at which time the COVID-19 situation will be evaluated.

UPDATED: Spokane Churches Suspend Services in Response to COVID-19

Spokane area churches move services online in light of COVID 19

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