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Washington taps pastors to overcome racial divide on vaccine

Health officials in the nation's capital are hoping that Smith and other Black religious leaders will serve as community influencers to overcome what officials say is a persistent vaccine reluctance in the Black community.

Spokane Area Churches adapt Ash Wednesday celebrations to Covid

Area places of worship are finding creative ways to offer Ash Wednesday services this year.

Ask A Jew: Online Gathering Places?

There are many outlets online for Jews to find community.

‘Uber for imams’ app offers Muslims virtual khutbahs — and community

A virtual hub called ImamConnect aspires to provide everything from Muslim circumcisions to headstone engravings on a platform designed to be an ‘Uber for imams.’

Survey: Americans most likely to say pandemic has boosted their faith

Nearly half of white evangelicals in the U.S. (49%) said their faith grew stronger due to the coronavirus outbreak — more than any other group, according to a new Pew Research survey.

Two Jesus Followers Who Are Worlds Apart Choose to Speak for Sanctity of Life Despite COVID Restrictions

They do share something in common that has also been the theme of sermons and homilies in some Spokane Christian services over the weekend: the belief that every human life is sacred, from womb to tomb

Spokane Celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Virtually

While so many holidays and events have turned online to Zoom, Skype or social media, another holiday that has had to adapt locally is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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