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Friday, May 24, 2024


James Holmes, technology and killing sprees

Another week goes by, it seems, and there is another ideologically-motivated spree killing in America. It’s sparked a lot of discussion about gun control and ideology gone rancid in our culture.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan asks candidates to sign civility pledge

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who sparked controversy by agreeing to deliver the closing blessing at the Republican convention in Tampa this week, on Monday (Aug. 27) drew further attention to his political role by asking both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama to sign a “civility pledge” promoted by a leading conservative Catholic activist.

“Surviving Progress” asks if we can change our ways

The Book Parlor, the West Central bookstore operated by Salem Lutheran Church, recently screened the documentary Surviving Progress. The film does not take a markedly theological approach to its subject matter; its first language is science.

BRIEF: Author to discuss death row on Sept. 6

On Sept. 6 local author Victoria Ann Thorpe will discuss her new book, "Cages" at Auntie's Bookstore.

"Cages" tells the story of how Thorpe's sister, Kerry Lyn Dalton, was sentenced to death row for a crime she says she never committed.

Viewer discretion advised

My parents were really careful about what they allowed us to watch, and the often previewed a movie  so they could  figure out which parts might need to be skipped over.

Yes and no

I know there is common sense and studies that show the connections between environment, education, example and exposure and behavior.

Bad apologetics

According to this book report of "What is Time", Gary Driver takes an approach to the Bible that is very popular today. I hear it in the preaching around many of the churches I’ve visited in the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area, including Real Life Ministries and Life Center.

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