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Navigating the rainbow: A metaphor for aging

Besides symbolizing God’s eternal promise, the rainbow’s physical and spiritual beauty can be viewed as a metaphor for how we humans age. As we go through life, we admire rainbows from afar, pure light scattering myriad hues through crystal prisms of raindrops. The naked eye detects only bright colors, distinct yet inseparable.

NOVEMBER GIVING CAMPAIGN — Meet Jody: Writer. Theologian. Board Member.

Jody Cramsie has always sought out how to contribute to society in interesting, challenging, stimulating and meaningful ways. She did it through work in the legal, development and nonprofit worlds. Now she does it as a columnist and board member for SpokaneFāVS.

Why Go to Church?

I have found my step-son’s assumption that folks go to church so that they’ll land in heaven rather than hell quite common among non-church goers. Perhaps this assumption comes from the presence of hell-fire-and-brimstone preachers on street corners or from the seeming monopoly fundamentalists have on popular media. It sure doesn’t come from the actual church-goers I know.

NOVEMBER GIVING CAMPAIGN — Meet Becky: Journalist. Educator. Human Rights Advocate.

Rebecca “Becky” Tallent is many things. She’s a journalist, a retired University of Idaho professor, a Native American of Cherokee descent, a 1912 Center board member and a human rights columnist for SpokaneFāVS.

Sacred Texts: The Eastern Orthodox Church on Scripture

Scripture is the language of the Eastern Orthodox Church. In 2 Thessalonians 2:15, Saint Paul says, “Brethren, stand fast and hold the traditions (τας παραδόσεις) which you have been taught, whether by word (oral) or our epistle (written).” These holy traditions are defined as the living continuity of everlasting and unchanging boundaries, beliefs and practices as they were imparted and received from Christ and the apostles.

Native American Heritage Month: We Are Still Here

November is Native American Heritage month, and it is astounding how many stereotypical and wrong ideas are out there about America’s indigenous people. For starters: We are still here.

Sacred Texts: The word of God made me alive

I read, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” I did not need any prior church or explanation to tell me that this sentence meant something extraordinary: the foundation of all meaning-making was in the beginning … and it “became flesh and dwelt among us”… and this was Jesus.

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