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Are Weather Events Natural Calamities, Environmental Disasters, Trials, Torments or the Wrath of God?

I have always believed that weather is unpredictable. We can make our forecasts, but we never know for sure.

How Spokane Churches Can Become Globally Minded in Their Own Backyard

Spokane is a sizable city, but we’re insular. We’re often referred to as the largest city between Minneapolis and Seattle, but dominated as we are by majority culture, it can be difficult for us to see our connection to the multi-ethnic world.

What Totem Poles in Alaska Taught Me about Appreciating Other Cultures

“Totem” plus “pole” was first used by English traders in 1808 to describe what they were seeing along Alaska’s southeast coast.

‘It’s Not OK’: The Need for Genuine Support Over Clichés

We need each other. We need support and connection with each other. We don’t need our pain minimized with ridiculous platitudes.

Moms for Liberty: ‘Joyful warriors’ or anti-government conspiracists?

Lately, the mothers group dominating media attention is Moms for Liberty, self-described “joyful warriors … stok[ing] the fires of liberty” with the slogan “We Don’t Co-Parent with the Government.”

LDS Church Rebukes Tim Ballard, Inspiration Behind Popular Anti-Human Trafficking Movie

Late last week, news outlets began reporting that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had issued a statement distancing itself from Tim Ballard, the founder of Operation Underground Railroad, which uses quasi-military sting operations to combat the sexual exploitation of children. The organization was celebrated in the recent movie “Sound of Freedom.”

Ask a Muslim: Can Non-Muslim Women Wear a Hijab?

While I do not practice Islam, it is it okay if I wear a hijab?

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